Melissa Sherman and Kim McNulty - Founders

"With Ben Sherman as her grandfather, it’s no wonder she has an eye for design."

He recreated the simple button down and the brand could be considered by many a “cult classic”, a must have for any mod in the 60’s and now a got to have for many.

Following closely in the footsteps of her father, Martin Sherman, Melissa set out to deliver high quality custom frames delivered in two weeks or less at prices everyone can afford. “My dad always said that in custom picture framing people can expect 2 out of 3 qualities from most frame shops: fast, good, cheap. But you can only pick 2. He set forth to create the first frame shop that provided all 3. This really stuck with me, as I would want all 3 qualities from a framer, so I will offer ALL 3.” Having been in business since 1981, Martin set the new standard for custom framing in Los Angeles.


After 15 years in the family business and 1 year of newly-wedded bliss, Melissa and her husband, Kim, realized they needed to start thinking about their future. Together they built Sherman McNulty Custom Framing and Design. Finding the first location was a blessing, but the building itself hadn’t been touched in 25 years. It took two months of working 14 hour days including gutting the entire place, to turn it into a clean and sophisticated design studio with over 12,000 frame samples on the walls.


With Kim’s knowledge of business and sales combined with Melissa’s eye for design, their full focus is on making sure customers are 100% happy with their experience. Walking away with incomparable customer service and a custom frame constructed with the utmost attention to detail. Each frame is built by tradesmen who have a minimum of 10 years experience, and built in our state of the art warehouse. 

With over 15 years experience, Melissa has worked with many of Los Angeles’ top interior designers. This gives her knowledge of making art work with different decors, whether the art is the same style or not, she can help you find a frame to suit the art and the room.

We don’t want to be a place for custom picture framing, we want to be THE place for custom framing.