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Vanessa M.
Santa Monica

Before joining the Sherman McNulty team I worked in fashion doing retail management/visual merchandising. From a very young age I always had an eye for design and loved to play with colors and patterns. In my spare time I enjoy a good book, visits to the museum or a quiet night out with friends. 

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"To sum it all up, Sherman McNulty has the selection and Vanessa is the service." - The L. - Yelp
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"Vanessa Martinez was friendly and helpful, and my frame turned out great!" - Connor D. - Yelp
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"...multiple times now, Vanessa provide the type of service i feel i need to let others know. We'll continue coming back to Vanessa and Sherman McNulty as long as she's there." - Aroldo D. - Yelp
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Leslie F.
West Hollywood

I’ve been in the picture framing industry for about 24 years and I still love what I do for a living!!!

It’s a pleasure for me to design artwork and interact with my clients, showing them how to see their art in an entirely different light.  How mat/frame colors can change the look of their artwork, how the size of the mats/frames matter to their piece(s), etc.  Being in the industry for as long as I have, I also have a great knowledge in all aspects of the framing process; from the actual construction that went into the finished piece to all of the materials used in that process.

When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my little dog, Archie, I love hanging out with my friends and family, I enjoy discovering local places I’ve never visited before and revisiting old haunts and I make beaded jewelry and dabble in other forms of art.

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"Leslie is amazing and was a wonder to work with. She was so incredibly helpful and has a great eye!" - Natalie G - Yelp

"The great approach from Leslie made us happy...  She was very nice and helpful...  Thank you Leslie, our frame looks amazing!" - Martina N. - Yelp