Down town

Almost exactly one year ago we were invited to move one of our Picture Framing locations to Down Town by a friend who had identified a market but needed help with a few aspects of the business.

We had the opportunity to share a space with a seasoned Downtowner and figured what the heck lets give it a try.

Since I have been in the US I have lived on the west side and in the valley, I have to tell you that to me Downtown LA might as well have been a different country.

Los Angeles is such a Sprawling county that it is no surprise to find people who have lived here their whole life and have rarely, or even never, visited many areas, I was no exception.

Downtown LA is very different from the places I have had the privilege to live and Frame in, on the outside its busy, dirty and riddled with issues but a light scratch at the surface reveals a city bristling with culture activity and energy.

Without the luxury of a low cost and the support of others we would never have had the courage to explore this wonderful place but we did, and how glad we are we could.

Fast forward one year and both us and seasoned Downtowner have outgrown our situation and now its time for us to move, we have a location that is currently under construction and I can't wait for you to see it..........To be continued