What a Day framing in Downtown LA

Today was an eventful day at our new picture framing warehouse and showroom in Downtown LA, we finally got our first sign up outside, it was a lot of work because this thing is huge but it was all worth it in the end. 

We had a little time for hanging samples and a bit more organizing but there is a great deal left to do.

The sign was put outside at around 3:30pm today and we had our first visitor as a result at around 5:30. It reminded me of opening our West Hollywood framing location all those years ago, at the time we were on an extreme shoe string budget, we had no idea how to accomplish what we need to but we persevered. 

I have a good friend who has a wood shop cut out the letters for our WEHO sign, we stuck them to a backing board and mounted it to the front of our new Picture Framing store. Up until this point we had no idea if we were going to make money or lose everything but the day we hung that sign on the front of the shop a man walked in, he was our first customer and he brought us a simple repair job worth $20 but with that visit came our first notion that we might actually make it.

When you take on a responsibility of a new business or store especially one like Downtown there is always a fear involved, we have worked hard over the years to bring the people of Los Angeles the service and quality that we think all picture framing should have but despite this a project of Downtown's magnitude could sink us, When that first customer came through our door there was a subtle but very definite sigh of relief. After 6 weeks of work and tens of thousands of dollars maybe this could still work, we are not out of the woods yet we will need a lot of support from the local community to get where we need to be but now we feel like we are one step closer..........