Checking-in / New adventures

Hello, It's been a while since we checked in with everyone. I hope you are all doing well. Our Arts District location turned out great. We love having the extra space to stretch out and work on the production, we were able to host a couple art shows in the new space, and now we are starting a new service for our customers.

Clients have asked in the past if we could recommend an art printer. Someone to print their photographs, canvases, or art prints. We were always reluctant to recommend a company that is not up to our standard of customer service. Anyone that works with us knows that customer service is our highest priority. It was upsetting to hear printers we were recommending were not up to our level of customer service. We do a fair amount of printing on our own and it is never a pleasant experience. After one too many sub-par trips to the printer, we decided to purchase a couple large art print machines. We now have the capability to print large-scale photos, canvas, art prints, etc. Hundreds of paper options, endless possibilities.

We are not a large commercial printing operation...yet.  This is more of a service to our customers. We are doing a lot of small jobs. A few photos here, a dozen art prints there. But all of it leads to a better experience for you, the customer. And it saves you from going to multiple locations. Print and frame in one place. Thanks and chat again soon. Joe