Moving forward

The last few weeks have been a trying time for all at Sherman Mcnulty, the Downtown LA warehouse remodel is the largest single task we've ever undertaken.

Renovating this space has taken more time money and effort that we could ever have imagined but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

This week we are wrapping up the gallery space, it will be open for show and functions very shortly, we have also gotten a few of our rooms very close to completion and were finally back making headway on our warehouse space, the retail front is functional as it is and although it is no where near where I'd like it to be we have to pause on it to get some of the other areas completed, its a lot of space here and we're shooting for a really high standard across the board which will take time.

On a super positive note, The Downtown space has been really busy with walk in traffic, it has certainly confirmed our suspicions that Downtown Los Angeles has been in desperate need of a framer for a while, we are seeing new faces each day and they are all really excited to have us. I have opened a few business spaces in my time and I have never received a reception like this one so fingers crossed we will quickly become the go-to place for DTLA and the surrounding areas.