Making Space

It's time for a quick update on progress in Downtown LA, we have made some strides forward but at this point its mostly just Stephanie and myself doing the work so things are moving slowly.

This week we have started building some new walls for samples, as part of our ongoing efforts to be the best Custom Picture Framer in Los Angeles we have always tried to make sure that our selection is the largest in town, that way customers can get exactly the right frame for their artwork.

Our Downtown LA space is large but whats unusual with frame stores is that its not really floor space that matters, the only thing that matters to us is wall space, to that end we have built some shiny new picture frame sample holders, or in layman's terms, walls.

I expect to be able to hold around 5000 more frame samples on the new walls.

In other news our new girl in the West Hollywood custom frame store, Megan, is coming along nicely. She is picking up everything quickly and I believe will be an asset for years to come, on that note next weekend will be the first time we will ever be open on a Sunday, Megan has afforded us this opportunity and we're really excited to be able to service customers all week.

One our production personnel, Maya, has also been learning the Custom Framing Sales trade and will be running the Downtown frame store on the weekends, I hope that by next week she is ready to take on Sundays also.

If everything goes to plan next weekend will mark not only the first time one of our stores has opened its doors on a Sunday but two will be open and available to help customers, its exciting times for us and we hope you will join us during our new hours.

Thank you for reading


Kim McNulty