A little Tangent

Today I have something a little different for you.

I haven't been able to post for a while because we have been extremely busy with some major projects and not only has that taken time away from being able to update here, but since we do most of our renovations ourselves there also really isn't much happening in the Downtown LA construction arena.

As a consolation prize I thought I'd show you one of the many custom framing projects we have been working on, this is the single largest piece we have done and it took considerable time and effort to get it finished.

Every little thing that had to be done on this frame was a project in itself, it required 5 people to move it anywhere and of course it's heavy and relatively fragile.

The frame moulding used is Italian, it has a custom welded aluminum frame with wood strengtheners to give it rigidity, FYI It's 14.5 feet by 5.4 feet which means that it's larger than moulding comes (we had to make attractive joiners) and there are a lot of structural issues to address whilst making sure it doesn't weight the earth!

I love doing Custom picture framing projects like this but its really stressful and I'm extremely pleased to be finished.

The photos here are 90% completed, we did a few little bits to tidy it up after this, painted the feet, cleaned it off and touched up anything else that needed it. I wanted to put it back up for more pictures but it's a huge project and we just didn't have time.

Thank you for reading, I promise I'll get you some construction updates soon.